Worlds 2014

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I am featuring a new team every week leading up to worlds. Feel free to submit your favorite team! Good luck this season!

Does anyone have a worlds bid 2013 shirt they want to sell?

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Anonymous asked: What time and what channel will worlds be on? This'll be my first time tuning in :)


It is usually on ESPN3 and ESPNU. The day and time has not been released yet.

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Anonymous asked: If you're 15 would you be put on a junior level or a senior level?


Depends on how good you are!

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Crazy toe touches from Cheer Athletics Supercats at the first Cheer Worlds

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Anonymous asked: Can you watch cheerleading worlds online or on the tv?


You can watch it live online but you have to pay for it. It will show on tv approx one month after.

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ohheylookitsamy said: I think it was a good first attempt?


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Wish that we could see it here in Europe…:(

I wish you could have too!

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What did you think of the Champions League movie! Let me know your thoughts!

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Anonymous asked: I'm on my high school cheer team and I am a flyer and I have some confidence problems do you have any ideas how I can be more confident?


Try not to care about what others think and focus on your skills. Work on being the best flyer you can be. Do it for yourself and do it for your team. I am not sure exactly where you are lacking confidence, but just overall keep working hard! The more secure you are in a skill or ability, the better you will be able to execute it and the less you will worry about it.

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Anonymous asked: When and where can I buy tickets to the UCA Cheerleading world championship 2014?


The allstar one? That passed. 

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camogirl12345678 asked: Sorry when i said whats babs i thought it was like a team or something lol im so sorry i didnt know it was a cuss word or something


Oh no! You are fine. Its not a bad word. Its CA Panthers. BABS is sort of like their “secret team name”. Everyone refers to them as BABS but only the people at CA are suppose to know what it stands for, which is why I couldnt tell you! haha

I apologize for not fully understanding your question. 

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