Worlds 2014

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I am featuring a new team every week leading up to worlds. Feel free to submit your favorite team! Good luck this season!

4 days until worlds!

How exciting is this!? I will be at worlds all weekend giving you live updates and pictures. Let me know if there is something specific you want to see.

Good luck this weekend! I am proud of you!

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Anonymous asked: Is worlds going to be on ESPN live?



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Anonymous asked: hey i was wondering if i wanted to take tumbling classes at a gymnastics place would they ask for a birth certificate


I am not sure! I wouldnt think so.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if theres a way to watch worlds without having to pay? Thanks


Nope! Sorry! Maybe you can split the cost with a friend and have a viewing party.

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annarntsen asked: Do you know if they selv bows at worlds?


Who sells bows? Teams? No they do not.

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Anonymous asked: What day is worlds?


Starts April 26th!

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keep-fightingprincess asked: Is there a live stream for Worlds?



Right here:

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Anonymous asked: Which websites broadcast worlds live?


Worlds coverage can be found here

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Does anyone have a worlds bid 2013 shirt they want to sell?

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Anonymous asked: What time and what channel will worlds be on? This'll be my first time tuning in :)


It is usually on ESPN3 and ESPNU. The day and time has not been released yet.

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Anonymous asked: If you're 15 would you be put on a junior level or a senior level?


Depends on how good you are!

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Crazy toe touches from Cheer Athletics Supercats at the first Cheer Worlds

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